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Dagger™ Compact

Barrel Manufacturing Defect


(Unthreaded and Threaded Dagger™ Compact Barrels Shipped prior to January 19, 2022)


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There have now been countless reports of brand-new Dagger™ Compact barrels with bad rifling (e.g., uneven rifling, chatter marks, pitting, ...). If you have concerns with your Dagger™ Compact barrel rifling, E-mail PSA founder and owner/CEO of JJE Capital Holdings (PSA's parent company), Jamin McCallum, at,




Include a picture of the inside of your Dagger™ Compact barrel and your PSA order number. Your free replacement barrel will be shipped directly to your home, not to your FFL. You won't need to return your defective Dagger™ Compact barrel.


Several customers have had multiple Dagger™ Compact barrels replaced. Customers have reported defective non-threaded and threaded Dagger™ Compact barrels.



Here is a description / comparison of the different Dagger™ Compact barrels,


Dagger™ Compact Barrels


The original Dagger™ Compact barrel with a manufacturing defect (the subject of this post) is referred to as Barrel #1.


Barrel #3 has been linked to issues such as the magazine falling out and failures to eject,


Magazine Falls Out Issue (TBD)


Note:  This description / comparison only applies to Dagger™ Compact barrels shipped prior to January 19, 2022.




On January 12, 2022, PSA founder and owner/CEO of JJE Capital Holdings (PSA's parent company), Jamin McCallum, acknowledged the manufacturing defect, saying that it was understood, resolved, and had involved less than ten Dagger™ Compact barrels,



On January 19, 2022, Jamin suspended all Dagger™ Compact barrel shipments,



Jamin said all replacement barrel requests, past orders, and future sales involving Dagger™ Compact pistols and slides with barrels (both unthreaded and threaded) resumed no later than February 9, 2022. Going forward, replacement barrels are expected to ship in a timely manner.


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