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Burlap is available in 7 oz./sy. (ounces per square yard) and 10 oz./sy. weights.

I purchased two 3' x 24' rolls of easy Gardener 100% Natural Burlap All-Purpose Earth-Friendly Fabric at $9.98 a roll or approximately $0.14 per sf. (square foot). The roll of easy Gardener burlap weighed 3 lbs. 2 oz. (50 oz.) and involved eight sy. of burlap (3' x 24' / 9 sf. per sy.) or 6.25 oz./sy. This would suggest that the easy Gardener burlap is 7 oz./sy.

I asked Steve Hickman at the Terror Syndicate if this burlap was suitable for making his Monster Mud props and he said that it was fine. He said a 3' x 48' (or two 3' x 24') roll of burlap should, on average, be adequate to construct a 6'+ Monster Mud prop like his Stork, Night Watchman, Watcher, Acolyte,

Burlap can be purchased in larger rolls (i.e. 3' x 100 yd.) for as little as $0.04 per square foot


Wicked Beernut Home - Halloween Home - Monster Mud Props