Propane Stoves


The brewing system utilizes two 35,000 BTU propane stoves, model no. 16-20E from Superb Gas Products Co., 48 Empire Drive, Belleville, IL 62220, (618) 234-6169. I purchased both stoves through P.B.S. for $79, each.

One stove is mounted under the sparge vessel and the other under the boil vessel. Each stove consists of a 35,000 BTU cast iron burner, a cast iron top, a metal body (or drip pan), an air shutter, a valve, a regulator and a hose.

I removed (and discarded) the metal body from the cast iron top. Each stove is secured to the stainless steel work surface of the rack. The burner is suspended through a rectangular cutout in the work surface. The regulator and hose assembly was removed and galvanized pipe plumbs propane directly to each stove from a single propane tank.

I purchased a third cast iron top directly from Superb for $34 to support the mash vessel. The cast iron top is very sturdy and ensures that all three vessels sit at the same height.

I think that the Superb stove makes for an excellent brewer's stove. It uses a ring burner with dozens of individual nipples which allow for very precise control and efficient use of propane. This stove would be perfect for applying heat to a mash vessel. As a sparge vessel stove, it may be a little under powered since the sole objective is to heat the water as quickly as possible. I always use the sparge vessel stove in conjunction with an electric heater element. I've never found their combined performance to be a problem. I think this stove works very well with the boil vessel. I find that the stove can maintain a vigorous boil of ten gallons of wort and, again, the output can be carefully regulated to prevent boil-overs.