Counter-Flow Wort Chiller

The counter-flow wort chiller was purchased from Stoelting for $179.

I guess the thing that attracted me to the Stoelting wort chiller was the fact that it had a stainless steel wort line. After investing thousands of dollars in stainless steel pots, tubing, fittings, …, I couldn't justify putting copper into my wort path as part of the chiller.

The water inlet and outlet are ½" O.D. The wort line is slightly less than 3/8" O.D. which proved to be a pain when trying to plumb it. A 3/8" compression fitting doesn't form a tight fit.

P.B.S. makes a very nice counter-flow wort chiller, very similar in design to the Stoelting, only with a ½" copper wort line.

I wish P.B.S. would offer a model with a "true" ½" O.D. stainless steel wort line.