The brewing system utilizes two March MDXT-3 magnetic drive pumps. One pump is used to transfer hot water between the sparge vessel and the mash vessel and the other is used to recirculate wort to the mash vessel.

I originally purchased a March MDX-3 pump. The only difference between the MDX-3 and the MDXT-3 is the pump housing. The MDX-3 offers a "smooth" inlet and outlet,

The MDXT-3 offers a threaded inlet and outlet,

I purchased the pump housing parts to convert my original MDX-3 into an MDXT-3. The threaded inlet and outlet makes it much easier to couple the system plumbing to the pumps. I use Swagelock ½" tubing x ½" N.P.T. male pipe adapters and ½" tubing x 3/8" N.P.T. male pipe adapters to attach the ½" O.D. stainless steel tubing to the pumps.