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Dagger™ Full Size L

Full (Standard) Size
Standard-Length Slide / Standard-Height Frame
9x19 mm


Dagger™ Full Size L with 3D-printed Prototype Frame




The Dagger™ Full Size L debuted at SHOT Show 2023 with a 3D-printed prototype frame.  The Dagger™ Micro debuted at SHOT Show 2022 with a 3D-printed prototype frame, as well.  You can tell the frame is 3D-printed from the lack of texture and stippling.  The 3D CAD model used to 3D-print the prototype frame will ultimately be used to create the production mold.  The texture and stippling are then applied to the mold using various techniques.  The texture and stippling are transferred to the production frame as part of the polymer injection-molding process.


In the NEW PSA Pistols | SHOT Show 2023 YouTube video (below), PSA pistol operations manager, Stephen Williams, acknowledges that the Dagger™ Full Size L frame incorporates changes to improve G17 holster compatibility (probably the #1 complaint with the Dagger™ Compact and Full Size S frames).


You can clearly see the changes in the area of the trigger guard. We suspect the changes in the area of the accessory rail play a key role in improving holster compatibility as well. Not necessarily related to holster compatibility, but you can see that the notches (intended to strip the magazine) have been made considerably smaller. The Dagger™ community has always had somewhat of a love-hate (more hate) relationship with those notches.


It would appear the trigger housing pin is solid.  Given the relative position of the locking block pin, the Full Size L frame may have incorporated over-molded rails.  Over-molded rails would go a long ways towards eliminating the walking trigger pin issue without the need for a proprietary trigger pin.


Q. Is the Dagger™ Full Size L barrel and locking block G17 gen1-4 or gen5?

Q. How much will the Dagger™ Full Size L cost?

Q. When will the Dagger™ Full Size L be available?


NEW PSA Pistols | SHOT Show 2023

Hunt Fish Shoot


The answers to the frequently asked questions were provided by PSA employees including Jamin McCallum, Chad Wylie, Stephen Williams, and Josiah McCallum through various Internet groups, forums and social media platforms including the PSA Dagger Facebook GroupARFCOM, and YouTube SHOT Show videos.


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